Information (ENG)

A nude and/or erotic shoot for yourself, for your partner, with your partner? Or maybe for your work? Straight, gay, bi, nude, erotic, kinky, fetish, alone, together…..??? Everything is possible. For such a shoot you usually do not approach the first photographer and in your area there will also be people who can take beautiful photos, but whom you do not want to “saddle” with such a shoot.

Even after a call on social media, there will be plenty of candidates who want to make such a shoot with you. These will undoubtedly include good photographers with the right intentions, but unfortunately there will also be plenty with other intentions.

A good quality photo does not necessarily mean that it immediately gets a glamorous “Playboy” look, which is of course possible. It is important that the photos create the atmosphere as you want to be seen. This can be done at home in a homely atmosphere.

You determine the atmosphere yourself, will it be stylishly sexy, lingerie, nude or more erotic? You decide and together we look at the best options.


These shoots are on a commercial basis. It therefore also means that it is done in a professional manner, so against financial compensation and I am by no means seeking compensation in kind. The photo shoot is also contractually (by means of quitclaim) established, which states that as a photographer I am not allowed to publish the photos taken in any way.

The costs depend on the location and whether it is necessary to work with a make-up artist / hair stylist. See rates.

To get an impression of my photographic qualities, I would like to refer you to my website You will of course not find any erotic or complete nude photos here because, as I wrote before, I agree not to publish them for privacy reasons.

If you have any questions and/or comments, you can always contact me without obligation to discuss your wishes.

It is no problem at all if you bring someone to the shoot. In fact, it’s my preference. Provided they are also behind the shoot.

I use a minimum age of 21 years for erotic photo shoots. When in doubt, I will ask for ID proof. If I get the feeling that a shoot is not done voluntarily, I will cancel the shoot on my part.