Privacy (ENG)

Of course, privacy is an important part. You want to keep the photos to yourself and/or decide for yourself who gets to see them or not.

That is why I also work with a so-called “quitclaim”, in which I confirm in writing that as a photographer I am not allowed to publish and/or distribute the photos taken in any way* without the written permission of the model.

After the photo shoot, a quitclaim will be signed in duplicate, by both the model and me as the photographer.

Furthermore, the photos taken will be kept for another week after delivery to the model. This gives the model the opportunity to back up her/his photos herself. A week after delivery, the photos will be removed from my computer and you can no longer fall back on this if the photos are lost for any reason.

Quit Claim

*Force majeur.
In the unlikely event that my computer is hacked or stolen and files/photos change hands, this is a case of force majeure. In that situation, a report will always be filed. If files/photos are distributed after such a situation, I as a photographer will not be liable in any way.